Zipline II Big Job Duster
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Zipline II Big Job Duster

When it comes to gym floors and other large area dusting needs, where ordinary tools just won’t do, Big Job Duster lets you cover 8’ in one pass. Scissor action funnels dirt and debris into center for easier pick up which allows tool to pass through narrow sections of hallway. Big Job Duster comes complete with two Zipline frames and a curved vinyl coated aluminum handle. Zipline frames are available with Velcro backing for fast and easy dust head attachment or without Velcro for use with open back with ties dust heads.

  • Curved aluminum handle is easy to grip and control
  • Rugged center swivel is built to last
  • Available in 72” and 96” models for use with 36” and 48” pads
  • Frame and handle only.
  • Open back w/ties style mop heads sold seperately
  • Velcro version includes a set of microfiber dust heads

See the Big Job Duster in Action!

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LoopMaster for Velcro verrsion