Zipline II® Hospital Pad
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Zipline II® Hospital Pad

This low profile looped end dust mop is as durable as it is versatile. 4 ply tufted cotton yarn formed into short loops provide excellent daily cleaning and withstands multiple launderings. Velcro© backing allows for easy attachment to frame – No ties, no snaps, easy assembly.

  • 4 ply, looped end, 100% cotton yarn - available in natural yarn
  • 100% polyester backing with Velcro© - Dense, looped construction minimizes linting
  • Excellent for dust or damp mopping
  • Available in sizes from 12” to 72” to fit Zipline frames
  • Light washing (0 to 20) depending on consistency of laundry processing in relation to Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • 90% recycled material content

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