Wet Mopping - Specialty

Tube Mop - Microfiber

Lightweight, super absorbent, these durable, launderable looped mops are made of microfiber tube-like loops. They have a wide durable mesh headband and single stitched tailbands.
  • Microfiber – 80/20 yarn blend – circular knitted weave - tube
  • Single stitched tailband
  • Extremely absorbent
  • Looped fringe improves pickup of large dust and debris
  • Sizes: 26 strand (SM), 30 strand (MED) or 30 strand long (LG)
  • Headband Size: 5” nylon mesh
  • Use with Tuway’s conventional wet mop handles
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This unique cut end mop is ideal for emergency or quick pick up applications. Designed for single use situations such as blood born pathogen clean up where waste is incinerated. Comes in small, medium, and large sizes.
  • Immediate absorption - no break in period needed
  • Low linting ultra clean yarn
  • Certified for incineration
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If rough, abrasive or anti skid surfaces are part of your floor care program than this is the mop for you.  Mop yarn is woven, not twisted like a conventional mop yarn, so it won’t fray or deply.  Comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.
  • 4 ply, looped end, 100% cotton yarn.
  • Excellent water retention.
  • Low linting ideal for first impression areas and non-slip floors.
  • Tailband provides maximum spread for greater coverage per pass
  • Great for rough abrasive and anti skid surfaces.

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