Wall Wash - Conventional

Help Mate Wall Wash Head

Tuway's exclusive Help Mate Wall Wash Head can be used for dusting or damp mopping. Comes in three sizes and can be used either with or without the Help Mate holder of trowel.
  • 4 ply 100% cotton yarn
  • White 100% polyester canvas backing with Velcro
  • Sizes 7", 9" and 11"
  • 90% recycled mnaterial content
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The Wallmaster Wall Washing Head is 100% cotton material. The frame and handle assembly for the Tuway Wallmaster is a rugged spring loaded mechanism that allows frame rotation from a standing position resulting in no bending or stooping.
  • 4 ply 100% cotton
  • Dusting head is 7" x 3 5/8"
  • Available in 54" handle
  • 100% recycled material content
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