Syn Track - Conventional
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Syn Track Loop End Synthetic

When it comes to maximum launderability, nothing beats Syn Track. Tough synthetic blend yarn takes harsh usage and repeated launderings and it keeps on coming back for more. Lint free yarn with a mesh headband that is ideal for getting dirt and debris up off the floor.

  • Our highest rated conventional (non-microfiber) wet loop
  • Polyester/rayon blend material, synthetic yarn scientifically designed for maximum absorbency, release and durability
  • 1 1/4” or 5” headbands. 5” headband available in 100% vinyl coated mesh to add strength. Yarn and headband colors available are orange, yellow, blue, white, natural and green

  • Standard headband colors for natural yarn are: 12 oz. is white, 16 oz. is green, 20 oz. is white, 24 oz. is orange and 32 oz. is blue. For colored yarn, headband matches yarn color
  • Standard mop is natural yarn with corresponding headband color listed above
  • 50 to 100 washings depending upon consistency of laundry process in relation to Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • 90% recycled material content

ST2-24-1BL 24oz with 1" Head Band

ST2-24-5OR 24oz with 5" Head Band

ST2-16-5GR 16oz with 5" Head Band

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