Revo Loop - Microfiber
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Revo Loop Microfiber Loop End Wet Mop

Latest microfiber technology allows for a direct replacement of your current conventional mop wet mop program. Up to 2x’s more absorbent than most synthetic mop blends in the market. Superior strength and launderability. It will “Revo”lutionize your cleaning process.

  • Our highest rated wet loop
  • 100% Microfiber
  • Tuway’s highest performance wet loop mop
  • Yarn strength: 3x’s stronger than conventional mops
  • Standard is double tailband
  • Highly launderable can be laundered with other textiles
  • Combination of conventional wet mop construction with microfiber cleaning performance
  • Mop sizes: small, medium and large – Headbands: 1” or 5”


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