Surface Cleaning - Mitts

Hand Mit

Our microfiber hand mitts are great for large-area, hard-surface cleaning, spotting, wall washing, carpet or upholstering spotting. Double sided for maximum wear gives unlimited cleaning opportunities. The mitt comes in blue with a white cuff, and is launderable.

  • Blue with stitched cuff.
  • Highly launderable microfiber.
  • Durable, double sided.

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Our microfiber glove is ideal for use on small, detail surface cleaning.  The glove is double sided for expands  life.  Ideal for use on crystal, china and other delicate surfaces. Will leave no lint or streaks
  • White five fingered glove
  • Highly launderable microfiber.
  • Great for polishing, eliminating finger prints and touch up work
  • Durable, double sided for maximum use
  • Microfiber blend – 80/20 yarn blend
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Applicator Sponge

These highly versatile applicator pads make applying waxes, polish and finish easy and efficient.  Our blue microfiber sponge/pads are a perfect addition to any cost saving cleaning system.
  • Highly launderable for long term use.
  • Microfiber with foam insert – 80/20 yarn blend
  • General use applications
  • Can be used for finish polishing or detail dusting
  • Leaves no streaks and is lint free
  • Available in 4” x 5” x 1” square pad
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