ABC of Microfiber
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STAGE V – Floor Burnishing, Carpet Maintenance…the final steps of the
Microfiber Clean-System

The final “touch-up” stage includes periodic floor burnishing with our patented PolarPad between finishings, keeping areas cleaned and polished without unnecessary stripping and refinishing. Periodic carpet cleaning with one of our microfiber carpet Bonnets will extend the life of your carpets while removing cosmetic soiling. Exclusively designed for most carpet machines, these bonnets are an economical, effective carpet maintenance tool.

  1. Polar Pad
    Polar Pad
  2. Microfiber Carpet Bonnet
    Microfiber Carpet Bonnet

Polar Pad

Cleans and Polishes hard floors either wet or dry. For use with auto scrubbers and burnishers/buffers (propane/battery/corded electric). Also available in a single sided version with Velcro backing for use on high-speed machines. Save money by allowing your floor finish surfaces to last longer and look better.
  • 52 oz. gravity fed tank.
  • Floor finish system comes in 16” and 21" frames.
  • System applies finish directly onto floor from tank.
  • One microfiber floor finish pad included.
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Carpet Bonnet

Our carpet bonnets use less water and chemicals, and because they are highly absorbent, carpets dry faster. They are also effective on hard-surfaced floors for 175-300 RPM buffing applications. These bonnets are launderable, blue, and available in 17”, 19” and 21”.
  • Reversible.
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Highly durable microfiber.
  • Great for hard-surfaced floor.
  • Polyester and Polyamide blend. 
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