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After a thorough dusting and cleaning, you floors are now ready for finishing. For areas where floor machines are not necessary, our microfiber finishing pads are an effective tool for applying finish in an even and cost effective manner

Wet Loop Rayon

This all rayon mop is specially designed for flawless application of today’s highperformance floor finishes. Widespread design assures maximum gap free coverage in one pass; no need to go back over freshly laid finish.
  • 2 ply, looped end rayon yarn
  • Looped ends prevent linting and unraveling
  • Rayon yarn releases finish quickly and easily
  • Constructed with tailband for maximum spread
  • Candy-striped in blue/white for easy identification as a finish-mop only
  • 85% recycled material content
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Flat Mop Rayon

This finish mop is specially designed for flawless application of today’s high performance floor finishes. With up to 24” per pass, the flat finish mop covers more area in less time, while releasing finish over its entire 9” surface width.
  • 2 ply, looped end, 100% nylon or 100% rayon yarn
  • Looped end blue and white candy striped yarn
  • Key hole with ties backing only available in blue
  • 18” or 24” model fits standard 5” wire dust mop frames
  • Excellent control on stairways, along baseboards and in corners
  • Available in rayon or nylon yarn
  • 85% recycled material content
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Finish Line - Wet Loop Nylon

The most advanced floor finishing mop in the business, the Finish Line is the perfect tool for laying floor finish and water-based sealers. Rinses easily, dries faster with no odor, and because it does not absorb finish, is lighter, allowing for a more efficient larger-sized mop.
  • 2-ply looped-end yarn
  • Rinses easily, dries fast
  • Long life, lint-free monofilament yarn
  • Stitched side-by-side for maximum one-pass coverage
  • Yarn will not accumulat finish, weighs less
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This mop is ideal for limited use applications such as spill pick up and periodic damp mopping. With its high quality 4 ply rayon/polyester yarn, Texcel rinses out faster and more completely than cotton.
  • 4 ply, cut end, rayon/polyester blend yarn
  • 1 1/4” and 5” headbands available
  • Standard mop is white material
  • Excellent for laying disinfectants, sealers, strippers and floor finish
  • Resists mold and mildew so the mop stays fresher longer
  • Long stapled yarn for long life and minimal linting
  • Only available with generic label. Private label offered only as a special order
  • 85% recycle material content
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