Duster Sleeves
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Duster  Sleeves

Launderable microfiber dusters fit our flat flex frame/extension handle and are perfect for dusting
where other tools can’t reach.

  • Length of sleeves is 20”
  • All are Microfiber/Polypropylene blends

ECO-SLEEVE is our GOOD sleeve - 70% recycled and 30% renewable material and comes in white – Disposable

FF20MOP is our BETTER sleeve - 70/30 yarn blend – wrap knitted weave it is our most economical sleeve and is blue.

FF20MOP-P is our BEST sleeve - 100% polyester and comes in white. Launder, vacuum or shake to clean.

FF20MOP-TS is our BEST sleeve - 70/30 yarn blend – wrap knit weave and has the most dust pick up, it is black and white.

MRL-FF20MOP-GR is our SUPERIOR sleeve – 100% microfiber and a looped construction

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