Damp Mopping - Microfiber

Damp Pad

Excellent for damp mopping, these launderable pads are the perfect tool for quick and efficient cleaning. Microfiber’s state of the art design allows for improved absorbency and superior pickup. Microfiber mechanically picks up surface debris - It reduces bacteria by 98% compared to traditional mops.
  • Microfiber/Polyester – 80/20 blend – warp knitted weave
  • Nylon loop velcro backing
  • Foam insert for improved absorbency (without foam order MMS-18ZLNF)
  • Industry’s standard damp pad
  • Lengths: 18”, 24’, 36”, or 48” – Width: 5” (red, yellow & orange in 18" only)
  • Use with Tuway’s aluminum frames with velcro and aluminum handles
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Looped Damp Pad

Excellent for damp mopping, these highly launderable pads are velcro backed for convenient frame application. Designed for rougher surfaces as well as smooth surfaces to pull particles in cracks and grout lines.
  • Microfiber – 80/20 yarn blend – twisted weave loop
  • Polyester hook velcro, polyester pocket or polyester 3-pin tab style backing
  • Premium pickup of dust load
  • Looped microfiber for multi-level floor surface cleaning
  • Microfiber insert for increases absorbency
  • Green and white or blue and white stripped – twisted loops
  • Lengths: 9, 16 1/2” or 18”
  • Use with Tuway’s fixed or ext. aluminum handles and one of our (4) frame options; standard velcro frame, 3-pin breakaway frame, pocket breakaway frame or PTZ frame
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Scrub Pad

Excellent for damp mopping, these launderable pads are velcro backed for convenient frame attachment. Specially designed single scrubbing strip allows pad to clean deep down into grout. Perfect for use in high traffic areas, where scuff marks are common.
  • White material – Polyester blend
  • Dark green scrub material – 100% polypropylene
  • Green woven material – 100% microfiber
  • Nylon loop velcro backing
  • Microfiber insert for increased absorbency
  • Red scrubbing strips increase removal of stains and scuffs
  • Sizes: 17”
  • Use with Tuway’s Zipline bucketless mop and Zipline or aluminum frames with velcro
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Super Pad System

Highly absorbent microfiber pad can be used either damp or dry. Commercial grade velcro backing, improves with each use. Longest laundry life pad in the market.
  • Our highest rated microfiber damp pad
  • 100% Microfiber – looped weave
  • 100% nylon heavy weave/mat looped Velcro© backing
  • Premium absorbency – use for damp or dust cleaning
  • Lengths: 15” or 18”
  • Use with Tuway’s aluminum frames and aluminum handles
  • For the 15” Super Pad use Tuway’s new 14” frame with universal connector, 3 strips of velcro (versus 2) and rectangular design
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