Damp Mopping - Buckets

Side Press Bucket

This 36 quart mop bucket and wringer combination makes mopping a breeze. System contains a 36 quart bucket and side press wringer. Bucket has non-marking casters to keep the unit mobile without marking up a just cleaned floor.
  • 36 Quart Bucket
  • Side-Press with heavy duty spring
  • Non-marking casters will not mark floors as unit is moved to clean floors
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Charging Bucket

Our Blue-Grey Roller Bucket is an ideal addition for use with our line of flat mops.
Made of durable polyvinyl, it comes with a convenient folding handle and snap-on lid
  • Durable polyvinyl
  • Folding handle, with snap-on lid which seals closed
  • Available with or w/o casters
  • 21” x 9.5” x 14” size (Large) and 11” x 5” x 8 1/3” (Small)
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Cleaning Cart Bucket

If an all-purpose bucket with a drain tray is needed, this is the one. Can be used with flat mops, or conventional wet-mops. This durable two-piece, blue polyvinyl tub, and removable red drainage screen tray accessory can be easily placed on an ordinary janitors cart.
  • Durable polyvinyl
  • Removable red screen drain tray option
  • Fits any standard janitor cart
  • 25”x16”x10” size
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