Blended Loop End - Conventional
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Blended Loop End Wet Mop

This cotton/rayon/polyester/acrylic mop is perfect for when you want both the absorbency of a cotton mop and the quick release of a rayon mop. This blended loop end mop has the best features of both.

  • 4 ply, looped end, cotton/rayon/polyester/acrylic blended yarn.
  • 1 1/4” or 5” headbands. 5” headband is 100% vinyl coated mesh for add strength and stability
  • Standard headband colors for natural yarn are: 12 oz. is white, 16 oz. is green, 20 oz. is white, 24 oz. is orange and 32 oz. is blue. For colored yarn, headband matches yarn color
  • Standard is natural yarn with corresponding headband color listed above
  • 5 to 7 washings depending on consistency of laundry process in relation to Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • 90% recycled material content

BLL on a Tite Bite Handle

BLL on a Simplex Handle

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