2-Way Dust Mop
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2-Way Dust Mop

Easy to use, versatile and maneuverable, the 2-Way dust mop is ideal for use in confined or obstructed areas. Absorbent cotton yarn provides exceptional dust collection.

  • 4 ply, launderable, cut end, 100% cotton yarn
  • 100% polyester backing.
  • Backing style only available in yarn color shown above
  • Mop is 3 5/8” wide and available in four lengths, from 9” to 22”
  • Pronged wood handle, double lacquered
  • 0 to 20 washings depending upon consistency of laundry processin relation to Tuway’s laundry specifications
  • 90% recycled material content
  • Use with Tuway’s dust mop frame and handle

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